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It was 2016 and I was sitting next to my ex-girlfriend and her mother on the sofa in the basement of her house when the early idea of Indomitable entered my mind. I can still hear the sound of my ex-girlfriend’s mother’s voice in my ear saying very strongly that there should be a film about disabilities told by those with disabilities showing their perspectives and encouraging me to be the one to tell that story with a particular focus on actors with disabilities.


I had always felt that the mainstream media was not depicting people with disabilities accurately and this needed to change in order to break down the stereotypes that contributed to the stigma of disabilities in society. My good friend and producer, Brandon Golden loved the idea and vowed to help bring the project to life.


From 2016 to 2018 Indomitable grew from a story about actors with disabilities not being cast in disabled roles to a story about the lives of people with disabilities who are not defeated by anything, thanks to executive producer Kevin Bright who suggested the new direction. From 2018 to now Indomitable took a new direction again and it became a personal story of my life as a filmmaker with a disability, my journey of becoming a father, buying a house, and getting married.


Indomitable came from a place deep in my upbringing of wanting to prove myself to the world because of how people looked at me and wanting to show that I am not defined by my disability but by my work and by what I can do. I believe that Indomitable is going to reach the right audience because I understand the struggles of many people with disabilities and other minorities without a voice and I am determined to make sure that it is as accurate as possible and to change the stigma.


Rory Read, Mary Savoy-Read, Kevin Bright, Wes Reid,

Michael Wootton, Sonya Wilder, Barbara Berkman, Deborah Gordon, Laura Matz, Connor Buso-Jarnis, Susan Kay Mulliken, Daniel Sanjur, Stephen Hill, Carl McKay, Robert A. Gracia, Jeff Consiglio, Donna Prince, Robert Wilson, Kathy LaRoche, Cristina Kotz Cornejo, Andrew Bujalski, Noa Golden, Carrie Larson, Daniel Colman, Kirk Joslin


Alexander Freeman
Alexander Freeman is an award-winning filmmaker with cerebral palsy based in Massachusetts. Alexander is also the Founder, President and Owner of OUTCAST PRODUCTIONS, which is devoted to producing and distributing thought-provoking media content on disability, sexuality, identity, race, substance abuse, abuse, mental health, health care, bullying, poverty, immigration, life, death, and the environment.
Deanna Evans
Deanna Evans is a legal assistant, mother and Alexander Freeman's former Personal Care Attendant.
Seth Bryan
Seth Bryan is a comedian, actor and Alexander Freeman's former Personal Care Attendant.
Cheyllee Gonzalez
Cheyllee Gonzalez is a singer, chef, mother and Alexander Freeman's former Personal Care Attendant.
Kevin Berner
Kevin Berner is a registered and licensed occupational therapist and certified assistive technology professional; he works as a Clinical Supervisor in the Assistive Technology Department at Easter Seals of Massachusetts and as an adjunct faculty member in the Department of Occupational Therapy at Boston University. He frequently presents at professional conferences.
Dan Halbert
Dan Halbert is a oftware and systems generalist, with 30+ years of experience. Areas of experience and expertise include: system architecture, design, and development; databases; user interfaces; programming languages and tools; object-oriented programming; speech recognition; face recognition; text processing and information retrieval; networking.
Orina Umansky
Alexander Freeman's Partner
Brandon Golden
Brandon Golden is the producer of Indomitable and Alexander Freeman's close friend.
Linda and John Freeman
Alexander Freeman's Parents
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Alexander Freeman
Writer, Producer, Director, DP, Camera Operator
Brandon Golden
Producer, DP, Camera Operator
Kevin Bright
Executive Producer
Wes Reid
Executive Producer
Jake Nadeau
Associate Producer
James Canellos
Associate Producer
Erik Fattrosso
DP, Camera Operator
Alex Monto
DP, Camera Operator, Gaffer
Dave Sikora
DP/Camera Operator/Gaffer
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